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Vurb connects you with relevant information and tools from apps.

You no longer have to switch between apps and multiple screens to get things done. Vurb brings together everything you need into one spot on Vurb Cards.

Find more.

Vurb Cards give you everything you need. Going out to dinner? Find a restaurant, read ratings, make a reservation, order a car - and be there before you know it.

Do more.

Put Cards together to make Decks when you want to plan something, whether it’s a weekend adventure or a night out with your crew.

Create more.

Decks are also great for creating lists or collections of everything from Top 10 Lower East Side Dive Bars to Favorite Chicago Museums to Music Videos I Love.

Stay in the know by following friends and tastemakers.

Explore everything from top movie picks to date night suggestions - so you can get inspired and get going.

“Vurb is all about helping you cobble together different answers so you can make a plan or walk away with insights, not just facts.”

Start here, go everywhere.