Thank you!

After delighting the world with a new mobile search and discovery paradigm, we are working on an exciting new project. Beginning today and continuing over the next few weeks, the Vurb iOS and Android apps will be transitioned offline.

We'd like to say a big thank you to all of our wonderful Vurb users, who built a community of local recommendations all over the world—and, helped us prove that there is a better way to search, discover, save, and share content on mobile.

We're looking forward to what's coming next!

Want to keep your Decks?

Go to the Vurb app to request an export of your content by Monday, November 14th, 2016. You'll be able to download your content to your computer or mobile device.

Your Daily Guide — Search & Discover Things to Do

Vurb is the only search app that gives you suggestions and results tailored to what you love. We let you easily find, save, and do the best things by connecting community recommendations, rich content, and useful services — personalized for you in one simple app.

Find and explore things to do from sights to see, restaurants to try, events, music, and more. Get results and suggestions based on your interests, what’s trending, time of day, weather, and location in the form of easy-to-use Vurb Cards. Then take action right from the Card — access reviews, make reservations, book tickets, stream TV and music, and even hire a ride.

  • Read reviews
  • Buy tickets
  • Get directions
  • Watch Online
  • Request a ride
  • Make a reservation

Create Better Bucket Lists

Save Cards into Vurb “Decks” — dynamic, shareable lists. Curate the best spots to go in your city, remember movies you want to see, make playlists, or a travel wish list. Share Decks with friends or build them together.

Explore Ideas from the Community

Get inspired by a community of insiders, and swap useful tips and recommendations. Follow celebrities like Chef Michael Mina, other local Vurbies—or become a tastemaker yourself as you start building Decks.

“Vurb is all about helping you cobble together different answers so you can make a plan or walk away with insights, not just facts.”

Start here, go everywhere.